Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Thursday, April 28, 2011

X: eXempt

No one in the Family Felt plays the xylophone. And no one has had to have an x-ray recently. (Knock on wood) And since this IS a family blog I can't do X-rated so I'm going to have to cheat today. I'm perfectly okay with that.

As a matter of fact I feel eXhilarated at the thought! I've always felt that an eXcess of eXactness is eXasperating. Matt of course being my eXception. ;) As I eXert myself to eXpatiate on this subject I eXhort you to eXtend eXorbitant amounts of eXculpation. My eXposure to the topic is eXiguous and this eXperiment is nothing short of eXhausting to us both. My eXploit seems eXtreme, so without eXplanation I make my eXit before I eXpidite a mass eXodus from my blog!

(So apparently X means whatever I want it to mean. Don't you judge me! It's not the easiest letter and I'm on DAY 24!! My thinker is running out of thoughts!)

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Crystal Pistol said...

I agree. X was tough. You handled it swimmingly though. :)