Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jackson Hole 2011

Oh my GOSH, I love this town! A long weekend in Jackson is medicine for the soul. We spent a very short 48 hours there this month and had a great time. We enjoyed Billy's Burgers and Moo's Creamery again. Wahoo for tradition!! (And wahoo for vacation calorie-free-for-alls!) We also spent a day in the mountains and a late night of dancing after the kids went to bed. Rest?! Pfft...No time for such nonsense!

I love these first pictures! There was a cow moose and her calf hanging around the cabin. I took these of the kids watching her from the safety of the laundry room.And here she is, back with her calf.
And a view of the calf from the deck.
Taking a little breather during our walk around town.
Corinne's new hat
Here are the girls goofing around in the park after ice cream.

Our big excursion on this trip was our hike into Cascade Canyon on the west side of Jenny Lake. Our friends offered to watch Claire at the cabin all day. A very generous offer that we gladly accepted. It was about 5 miles round trip and the scenery was gorgeous! (I'll warn you now, I was able to narrow down the pictures of our hike to about two dozen.)

On Saturday we got up very early and drove into Teton National Park. Here we are riding the ferry across Jenny Lake.

My happy family walking up the trail.
I HATE this picture. It gives me the creeps every time I look at it. That river was absolutely RAGING! I was very glad that the trail wasn't right next to it the whole way up the mountain.
Destination #1: Hidden Falls...Check!

These cute little chipmunks were so curious about Corinne's shoes.
Stopping for a rest and a snack. Paige and I found a very comfy rock!

If you'll notice in all of the pictures, everyone is carrying a backpack except for one person. I would have been willing if he had wanted me to--but my man took good care of me. :)
Destination #2: Inspiration Point...Check!
Back on the trail.

Destination #3: Gorgeous setting for our lunch break...Check!
Nicole wading in the stream (See the waterfall behind her?)
Spencer got in the cold water just long enough for this picture, then he was done!
Click on the picture to see if you can find the two, cute little mountain goats.
The girls cooling off before we hit the trail again.
Paige on the boat back across the lake.
Claire may not have hiked five miles with us, but....
Until next year...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back on the Wagon

Well, it was about this same time last year when I became somewhat complacent in my blogging and didn't have a new post FOR FIVE MONTHS!! Now, I've never been one to let history repeat itself, so of course I...Oh stop laughing! Failed chore charts, last minute Christmas shopping, and unopened exercise equipment don't count!! But I have learned this. Pain hurts! And it was painful to play catch-up last December so I am jumping back into my blogging with both hands--and only ONE MONTH later! Ta-da!!! Okay, a little motivation never hurts either. I keep hearing these complaints coming from Nicole's general direction, "Mom! Why did you blog about Claire's birthday, but not mine?" What can I say to that but "Squeaky wheel--here is your grease."

Before we get to her big day though, here is a picture of her triumphant return from Girls Camp. She looks appropriately tired and happy. Just how they should come home, no? And by the way, Kudos to whomever scheduled this years camp for the whole week before her b-day. Easiest. Sneaky-birthday-prep. EVER!!
Thirteen gifts for my new teenager! Side note: She is annoyingly good at guessing her gifts so I put all of those little presents in one big box and wrapped it. Am I a bad mom for enjoying the disappointment in her eyes when she thought that she only got ONE present? Hahahahaaa!!
Happy Birthday, Colie!!
Why yes, that is a homemade cheesecake. Thank you for noticing. (It was delish!!)
Okay...break time. I give you enough to read on this blog so let's just play a little game. Can you find the difference in these two pictures?
Need a hint? How about 24 months and 4000 dollars worth of difference. Happy day for Nicole!!

The first week of July was extra fun for us because our cousin, Ethan came all the way from California to experience summer in Wellsville with us. I think we were quite accurate in what daily life is like here.
One of the days when Ethan was here the kids began the daily whine "Mom, what's for lunch?" I (half) jokingly answered, "I don't know, what are you going to make?" So they got to work. Here is proof of their industry. I'll tell you what--they make a mean quesadilla!
These cousins love each other! (We miss you, Ethan. Come back!)