Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ski Bunnies

On Saturday Matt, Nicole, Corinne and I went skiing. This was our second time this year as we went night skiing with the ward a few weeks ago. That time we had Spencer and Paige with us as well, but NO CAMERA!! Even though I have no evidence to back up my claim, I'll just say that Spencer and Paige rocked that mountain! It was the first time for both of them and they had a 1 1/2 hour lesson and then had enough time for 2 runs down Little Beaver. It really was shameful that I couldn't take pics! I atoned this weekend though, and here are the pictures of Nicole and Corinne, plus one with their cousins, Mady and Mayci who were there with Grandma Pat. It was a fun day! This is my first year back skiing after 15 years and 5 babies. I wasn't sure how my body would react, but I was able to keep up with the girls and the next morning who had sore muscles? Not their "old" mom!! I made sure to rub that in their faces when they dragged themselves to the breakfast table complaining of their aching legs.

Corinne, Mayci, Mady and Nicole
Corinne coming off a jump
Nicole, picking up speed

Nicole going off a jump

Corinne going off a jump--be sure to watch for the wave at the end. :)

Happy Birthday Spencer!!

Our Spencer-man turned five years old yesterday. Matt asked him what was the most exciting thing about turning five and he said, "Being able to reach high stuff." On Monday we went bowling and arcade-ing and let him pick dinner (pizza and hot dogs at Sam's Club).

Here are some pictures of him opening his presents Tuesday morning and blowing out his candles that evening.

Disclaimer: As for the flowers on his cake? We let him pick his own cake when we were at Sam's Club and this was the only one with BLUE frosting. He really didn't pick a "girly cake". Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Monday, January 10, 2011

So, I'm talking on the phone. And I'm also baking cookies. Trust me when I say, this NEVER turns out well.
Me: "Umm...Barbara? I just put 3 dozen spoonfuls of cookie dough onto baking sheets but I'm thinking maybe I forgot the flour."
Barbara: "Hahahahaha!" (See how supportive sisters can be?)
Me: "Well, I'll just bake this first sheet and see how it goes."
Seven minutes later--and the verdict is:
I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't even be able to blame this disaster on altitude!

Ah, now! This is what I was going for. A little oatmeal, some raisins...pure bliss. What? Bliss isn't good enough for you? Fine, then. I'll throw in a healthy serving of semi-sweet chips and the result is heavenly! Thank you to my MIL for this fine recipe (and her fine son!) I love them both.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas! Fun and busy and tiring, and I'm sad to see the vacation end. This post is FULL of pictures. But when you've got five kids enjoying holidays...well, the camera doesn't sit still for long.

Here is Paige at her 2nd grade sing-a-long.
And Corinne at her 5th grade sing-a-long. The camera died after one picture so this is the closest I have. Front row in a green shirt.
Here is Corinne, as a shepherd at our ward Christmas party, making her way to the stable. You can see that it really was crowded in Bethlehem that evening.
We had our annual Felt Christmas Party at Jake and Lisa's this year. It was a fun evening, and the kids love exchanging gifts with their cousins. Claire got a phone and a crown.
Nicole and Corinne at the party.
Spencer and Koler playing with Spencer's new John Deere.
Paige and Mayci with the new Lite Brite
On Christmas Eve, Grandma Pat and Grandma and Grandpa Lindhardt came for dinner. Here is Pat giving Spencer a photography lesson.
We also held a small cello/violin/piano recital. Good sports, these two!
Matt and Nicole. (He looks tired, but being Christmas Eve, his night is just beginning. Muwah-hahaha!!)
New jammies!
After putting on their new jammies, they all promptly fell asleep.
Treats for Santa and his eight plus one reindeer. Individual servings, of course.
All lined up on Christmas morning for the big reveal!
The frenzy begins.
Santa ate his treats!
New calendars
Spencer with his new gun.
Nicole and her new set of pastels.
This is Spencer's new piggy bank. Don't try to tell that to Claire, though.
Fairy wings!
Paige and Claire playing with Moon Dough.