Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Backpacking in the Uintas

Whew! I'm so glad that I'm alive and here to write this post. I went on my first backpacking trip EVER last week and before we left I was sure I would get eaten by a bear, or freeze to death, or starve. But Matt took great care of us and we all made it back safe and sound. This was the first backpacking trip with the whole family. Even Spencer and Claire made the 2 1/2 mile trek into the backcountry carrying their smallish packs with minimal assistance. 

Here are my 5 little mountain goats starting up the trail.

Taking a break at the top. 

Dear Cardiomyopathy,
Backpacking at 10,000 feet. TAKE THAT!!

Lake Marjorie--our home for 3 days.

This was the view from our campfire. It was beautiful and we were the only ones there the whole time.

The kids had so much fun in camp. They built their own "houses" with walkways and welcome mats and complex floor plans.  Here are Claire and Corinne showing us their pinecone welcome mat and broadleaf rug.

Claire resting on her carpet

Paige's entryway to her home

Spencer's staircase to his home.

The breakfast club eating oatmeal in Paige's house.

Random shots of our camp

We all loved tending the fire. And we loved what a good branch of dry pine needles does to the flames.

On day two we took a small hike over the hill to Lake Weir.

I turned the camera over to the kids and ended up with some great shots of all of them

Back in camp the kids made a lean-to / jail. 

A nice picture by the lake...

...followed by the requisite goofy-face shot.

And now the fishing pictures!

Matt is showing us the dorsal fin on an arctic grayling.

This one lived to see another day. (They all did)

A gorgeous brook trout 

Packed up and headed home!

Happy faces in the car--happy to have had a good time and happy to be sitting down on a soft chair with our shoes OFF!