Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Miss Wellsville 2015 Scholarship Pageant

Nicole surprised us this Spring with the announcement that she was going to enter a pageant. Beautiful though she is, our horse-lovin', deer-shootin', fish-catchin', tomgirl never really seemed like the "beauty queen" type of gal. But sparkly dresses and high heels have started to find their place in her life and the allure of scholarship money for college was just too tempting.

From February to April she attended workshops including, but not limited to, poise, dance, makeup, and interview skills. She dusted off her violin and began what would be many hours of practice of THE. SAME. SONG. (It's okay if I never hear it again.) :) 

We began the search for the appropriate outfits that would be modest, stylish, and make her feel beautiful. Here were some of the runners-up in the dress category:

Holiday Barbie

Pretty, but not quite perfect...

And here she is backstage with the top choice!

The morning of pageant day was the private interviews with the judges. The interview accounted for 25% of the total score. As did academic performance. She was nervous! But she had prepared well and as you can see, let her professional side shine!

After the interview, which she felt very good about, we got down to the business of taming that crazy mane of hers. Not a job for the faint of heart!

The opening number with all the girls

Backstage with some of the girls before the talent portion of the show.

Nicole in her cowgirl duds getting ready to fiddle her way into the judges hearts! 

Here are all the contestants receiving last minute instructions at the dress rehearsal. 
Wonderful, beautiful girls--every one of them!

And the winner is....

A congratulatory hug from Grandpa!

Proud parents!

Cousin Julie and Aunt Barbara cheered her on too!

Little sister Paige could not have been more excited!

And here is the happy family of the newly crowned Miss Wellsville 2015!

And a picture that is more true to who we really are!

And one last picture, around 1:00 am that night. The adrenaline is finally starting to wear off, but that doesn't mean the crown needs to come off yet. :) Love my girl!