Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't Blink!

Wow! School started and two months of my life seemed to disappear into a black hole of cello lessons, violin lessons, orthodontist appointments, and the never ending mountain of homework that finds it's way to our kitchen table every evening. It's busy...that's for sure...and my kids don't even play soccer!! We have, however, had a few moments here and there to take a deep breath and enjoy one another. Here's a little recap:

Somehow, I forgot to post one of our most important events in August. Our Paigie had her 6th birthday! She chose to have a bowling birthday party at the Fun Park, and it was very fun indeed! We love you, Paige!

Labor Day weekend is a big celebration in our town. We celebrate our Founder's Day (complete with an oh, so politically correct Sham Battle--worth a look-see once in your life!) We enjoyed the parade, the pit-beef dinner in the park and later that evening the Little Buckaroo Rodeo for the kids.

Nicole and Corinne riding a float.
Spencer and Paige waiting for candy

It must not have turned out the way they hoped...

But Claire looks happy!
At the rodeo, Paige participated in a critter chase. Here is what she caught, and therefore, got to bring home. "Clucky" joined our family for a few weeks until he was invited to live somewhere else, where he could be very happy with lots of hens.

Here is a picture at the temple the night that Dad was set apart as a sealer. This is Mom and Dad with 14 of their 25 grandkids!

Nicole, Corinne, and Paige all lost teeth on the same weekend! They put them under their pillows on the same night. Talk about a banner day for the tooth fairy!!
On Sunday we went for a little hike in the "hills" above our house to see the fall colors. Gorgeous!!
And this picture, titled "Rabid Claire", shows what was left from her cupcake the other day!