Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pics from yesterday's walk

Yay! Our first Sunday afternoon walk of the year--Spring is definitely in the air!! We took the dogs over to the reservoir. Matt has been introducing Finn to the water this week and he's taken to it like...well, like a lab to the water! :) 

Here are Belle and Finn racing to the prize. Finn hasn't quite figured out the finesse it takes to be as fast as Belle. He's just a clumsy, splashing, puppy. But he sure loves it!

 Belle wins...again.

 Finn's not giving up!

He did this nearly every time and then when they got out of the water Belle would drop the dummy and Finn would be so proud of himself as he gave it to Matt.

On the way home I tried to get pictures of the kids but they were on bikes and I was on foot so it was a lost cause. I did get this one of Spencer when he had to walk his bike for a minute. He was none too happy about the picture or the walking.

Matt, Finn, and Nicole waiting for me at the corner.

Claire is always good for a happy smile!