Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lindhardt Family Reunion 2010

We returned home Wednesday evening from our big trip of the summer. My (Nancy's) family had our bi-annual reunion. This reunion was hosted by my brother Doug and his wife, Haley, who live in Colorado. They found an incredible cabin in an absolutely beautiful location in Estes Park, CO, which is just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. The reunion started on Saturday, but Doug and Haley invited anyone who could take an extra day, to come a day early and join them for a Rockies game at Coors Field. We, along with my brother Tom and his family went to the game with them. Haley's dad sacrificed his 4 tickets so that we could enjoy the game up close, so we all rotated between those seats and the other seats that we bought. It was our first MLB game (as so many people found out--thanks again for all the freebies!) and we had a great time!

Nicole and Cooper--what a fun pair!
Coors Field
Spencer with Aunt Haley
Matt and Nancy

Corinne, Kaiya, and Anna

My brother, Doug--the one responsible for it all! (And yes, that is a compliment!!)
Saturday, our 3 families packed up all the food and caravaned to Estes Park. By dinner time all 7 families plus Grandpa and Grandma had arrived and settled into our wonderful cabin that was able to accomodate all 42 of us. That evening Matt and nephew, Brian followed a trail just down from our cabin and met up with these two gentlemen:
They came back to the cabin and got all the cousins and several parents to come with and see them again. By the time we got back to them, only one was there and he didn't seem to care one bit about all of us tromping around near him trying to get a closer look.

The next day, Sunday, we held our own sacrament meeting. We had several talks and a special musical number by the grandkids. We also learned quickly why Mormon chapels don't have giant windows like this one. The view can be very distracting... :)

Sunday afternoon we went down to the field and played a delightfully, painful game of kickball. Delightful because we all laughed a lot and had fun together. Painful because only a lucky few walked away uninjured.
Sunday dinner: Triple L pulled pork sandwiches and corn on the cob from Grandpa's garden.
Monday we all went for a small hike around Bear Lake inside RMNP. It was just right for everyone, young and old.

Here are some of the cousins:
Jill and Nancy with kids on the trail.
Paige wading at our picnic spot.
We each took turns providing a meal--Matt and I had the picnic lunch Monday.
Monday evening we held FHE back at the cabin. Here is a picture of Grandma during the lesson. I told you the windows were distracting! I have to wonder if after being with her 40 descendants for 48 hours at this point, was she wondering here, "What have we done??"
Here is Corinne acting out a scene with her cousins for Uncle Mike during the FHE "game show".
The show stealer of the night award goes to Abbie and Uncle Paul. She had a loose tooth and decided it would be fabulous if her Uncle Paul pulled it out for her during the talent show. EPIC!!
Tuesday we all went into Estes Park and took a few runs down the giant slides.
After the slides some of us drove into RMNP again and took the Trail Ridge Road to the top. That is a stunning drive and well worth doing once (or more) in your life!

Here are some more of the cousins (including Spencer the Pirate!)
Matt and kids at the top
Tuesday afternoon Corinne, Paige and some of their cousins went to the craft cabin and painted ceramics. They came home with masterpieces. (Haley, thanks for taking such great pictures--hope you don't mind that I stole a few!)

And lastly, here are Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you so much for a great reunion and a wonderful family to enjoy! We love you very much--you provide this family with much joy! ; )