Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's great to be EIGHT!

We celebrated Spencer's birthday last month. He was so excited to turn 8 and so excited for all of the great things that come with being 8!

He had an "8" birthday cake...

...and he got his very own set of scriptures.

He also got his new cub scout uniform and is enjoying cub scouts immensely!

Yay for Legos!

He had a friend party and they played all sorts of wild and crazy games.

 And of course they enjoyed the cupcakes!

Later in the evening we had a spaghetti dinner and he got to blow out his candles...

...and then he ate a HUGE piece of cake!

This is his beaver pillow pet, hat, and shirt that he got for his birthday from his special family in Oregon.

He was most excited to turn eight though because he couldn't wait to be baptized! His baptism was Feb. 1st and it was a cold and snowy day. We were grateful to family who joined us despite the terrible road conditions!

Here he is with Dad right before his baptism.

And here he is with Grandma and Grandpa Lindhardt.

After his baptism we waited while Matt and Spencer changed into their suits. I snapped this picture of my newly baptized boy as they walked into the room.

His cute little best buddy Brandon came to support Spencer on his big day. 
Such handsome little men!

And here is our forever family!
It was such a beautiful day. How blessed we are!