Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wellsville Mile

"A little rain can't hurt you!" Isn't that what we tell our kids? Well, this morning Corinne found out how true that is! The annual Wellsville Mile, which, if you've read my other post on this subject you already know that I am more than a little bit fond of this tradition, was held today. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but it was a little bit rainy that morning so they postponed it until today. The poor kids had to run in a downpour. And if you think that was bad, you should have seen all the poor parents who had to watch in a downpour! We all survived though, and Corinne was very happy with her performance. She ran it in 9:26 which is about 45 seconds better than her best practice time. She also came in 12th in her heat of over 100 girls! She'll get to run it again next year as a 5th grader and she's already looking forward to it. Good job cute Rinnie!!

All smiles at the starting line.

Running strong and being paced by a HS track team member.

Warming up after the race. She was even too wet and cold to want her drink or ice cream they handed out!

Here is a video of Corinne crossing the finish line.