Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Warning: Cuteness Overload

So this happened yesterday...
Our sweet lab, Belle had her puppies! We've been waiting and watching and turning our garage into a doggy maternity suite and FINALLY the day arrived.

Here she is working her first little one over quite nicely. This pup is our only black female--she's a cute little mini version of her momma! This is Belle's first litter and she seemed somewhat confused when this little girl appeared, but in a matter of minutes instinct took a strong hold and she is a super-momma now!

Here are the first nine snoozing in the warm basket that we put them in while number 10 was welcomed to the world by Belle.

After a HARD day's work Belle was finally able to sleep while all 10 of her puppies fought for a spot at the dinner table.

After letting Belle rest, we woke her up and took her out for a potty break and cleaned up the box. We had given the kids a good little talking to the night before about how the puppies can't really be held or touched much the first week or two.....

Here are all ten of them--6 boys and 4 girls--warm and dry and ready to take on this world! Great little time wasters, these cuties! Laundry and fixing dinner just might have to wait.