Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Saturday, April 2, 2011

B: Bountiful Baskets

At the risk of sounding like a sales pitch, today's post is all about the wonderfulness that is Bountiful Baskets. I first heard of this a year ago from a Tucson friend who LOVED it. Then several months ago I heard that it was in my area. But it wasn't until my sis-in-law got me motivated a few weeks ago that I really got serious. Today was my second basket and so far, so great!! Every Monday I go online, order my basket and pay my $15. Then on Saturday morning I take a 2 minute drive to the Middle School and pick up my basket of produce. 6 veggies and 6 fruits and it's a surprise every time. It's like Christmas morning every Saturday!! Here is today's basket:
Thanks to last weeks basket we had spinach omelets and grapefruit for breakfast a couple of times, sweet potatoes and asparagus for dinners, green salad, cantaloupe and plenty of apples and carrots for snack time. I even learned how to cut and eat a mango! Are you getting my point here?? I LOVE this!! It's a great deal and it means my family is eating stuff that they should, because it's already here in my kitchen! So thank you, Anneke for the great idea. I love my beautiful, bountiful, basket.

And because it's late--B is also for Bedtime. Good night!!


Lori Lou said...

Love it!! My favorite day of the week!

Crystal Pistol said...

B is for Beautiful. That basket is gorgeous! what a good idea.

I'm suddenly craving mango.