Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, April 15, 2011

M: Musician

M is for Musician. In an attempt to bring more culture into our lives, (and to support our daughter) Matt and I attended the Mountain West Strings Academy South Cache Concert last night. A couple hundred 4th and 5th graders playing their hearts out--it was awesome! I love orchestra music. To be honest I'm very glad my kids play string instruments because I'm just not sure I could find the same enthusiasm for band. (And now I've offended all the band people out there. It's just a personal preference, people!) Anyhoo--Corinne is in her second year playing the cello and she does a great job. Here are some shots of my little beauty with her instrument, as well as 2 of the songs that she played last night. As you can see, we had very good seats!

Wipe Out!
Fiddler's Frolic: Part I
Fiddler's Frolic: Part II


Crystal Pistol said...

She's GOOD! And she looks really really cool playing that huge instrument. I hope she sticks with it. Music is magic. :)

Haley L said...

These are the times I really wish we lived closer so we could go watch, too. Tell her we are proud of her!!! There aren't too many days that go by that Kaiya doesn't talk about how much she misses Corinne. :(