Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J: Just for fun

Yesterday after the kids got home from school I took them up to USU for an Easter Fair that I had seen advertised. The fair turned out to be quite a bit less than what we were anticipating, but Matt came and met us after work and we let the kids wander around campus for a while, Just for fun! Both of us having gone there for school, we love that campus and it was just really nice and relaxing to explore with no schedule or deadline. The kids seemed to love it and were quite impressed that "ALL of these buildings are one school!".

Sitting atop the famous "A". The kids thought it very gross what goes on there.
Claire on the balance beam.
Posing with the statue of the boy who found the severed hand. (10 points if you know the quote!)
They found a "tree fort"
Katniss, I mean Nicole, climbing a tree. (5 points for that source)
Another statue:

In this picture Matt is pointing across the island to the other bench, showing the kids where he grew up.
We ended the evening with Aggie Ice Cream. SOOOOO good!!!


Barbara said...

Go Aggies!! Okay, I always like points...Arrested Development Quote "Hey look Dad, I found a severed hand" and Katniss in Hunger Games. Do I get the points?

Crystal Pistol said...

Great pics! Your posts are always so refreshing and wholesome. I love that!

That lil Claire is a doll!