Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, April 20, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten: Take 2

Today was Spencer's first day of kindergarten...again! We were so excited this morning that we forgot to get him dressed. How embarrassing!!

Just kidding. 
As luck would have it, Spencer's doctor gave him permission to go back to school the very day that his class was having a Pizza-Pajama Party! He was SO excited! Matt and I were pretty beside ourselves as well, so we had to tag-along. Mrs. Allen was kind and asked me to be a parent helper at the party today. :) Here are Matt, Spencer and Paige walking into the school.

Here is Spencer as he walked through the classroom door. 
His little friends ran right over and welcomed him.

Hanging up his backpack

Journal writing at his table. 
He even remembered where his cubby was to get his crayons.

After the kids wrote in their journals they went to the rug for group time. Mrs. Allen shared James' journal entry for today with the class. 
It says:

"Yaye. Spensr came bac to scool."

All of the kids were so cute and kind to him. During one of the activities I overheard a few of them saying that the pajama party was fun but Spencer coming back to school is even better. 

For the party, the kids had three stations that they rotated between. I was in charge of the "kite group". We made grocery bag kites and then took them outside for fun on the playground.
They took them up and down the slides and all over the soccer field.

Here is Spencer at the next station: pizza making! He told me later that it was really good but too small. 

In the last station they planted a sunflower seed and then painted a picture of a sunflower. 

A class picture

Lined up to go home

Walking with his class to the parent pick-up

Going back to school = TWO THUMBS UP!!


Shelly said...

I remember when you posted his first "first day of school" pics. This is even sweeter. How much fun- and that the kids were so excited made it even better.

Stephen Hayes said...

How great the world would be if everyone could have this much fun wearing pajamas. I got misty over the kid who said the pajamas were great, but not as great as having Spencer back in class.

Barbara said...

Love the picture of the journal writing with Matt in the background and the expression on his face. What a great day for all of you!!

Crystal Pistol said...

Of COURSE his jammies are camo! I could have guessed that one. :) perfetc for the son of Matt Felt. :) These pics were darling. What a fun day. I love when I get to volunteer on days when there are centers and crafts. I'm happy his first day was so prefect. He has the sweetest little face. :)

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

It is just so great to see him back at school after all he has been through, pajama days are great

Missed Periods said...

He is so cute. And I am now inspired to try to institute a pajama day at work.

Stephanie Hancock said...

Never thought I could be so touched by a kindergarten class picture! So excited for him and you to be at this stage!!

Shelly said...

Hi Nancy-

I am going to do a post on organ donation since it has touched my family twice now. I was wondering- could I include link to your blog in the post? It's perfectly fine if that is not OK, but yours is such a compelling story I wanted to ask. Thanks! (You can message me via my email on my blog if you like, or reply back here, or I forgot- by FB, too!)

Tara Schwab said...

Oh happy day! Way to go Spencer, sounds like he had a great time!

Haley L said...

He has already touched so many lives. Those kids in his class are forever changed, too. I feel like this is just the beginning of many lessons he will teach us all. Love you.

Tulip said...

Your son seems like a brave young man! It made me tear up hearing about how welcoming and friendly his classmates are. I can't wait to hear more about your family's experiences!