Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hospital Journal: Two Front Teeth

During his hospitalization, Spencer lost both of his bottom front teeth. Sometime in November he started wiggling his teeth and it surprised me how loose they were because none of his sisters lost their teeth anywhere close to that young. I have a sneaking suspicion that those two teeth were given a head start from the breathing tube that was in his mouth for 3 1/2 weeks, particularly since he hasn't had any other loose ones since, but hey--a loose tooth is a loose tooth, especially when you're five.

It was my turn home with the girls and we had recently acquired a loaner laptop from a friend so that we were able to Skype with Spencer. The Skyping ability became absolutely PRICELESS when Matt and Spencer called us one night to show us THIS:
Spencer was SO excited to show his sisters. It was so fun for all of us!

The next morning they Skyped again to show us that the tooth fairy had indeed found him at the hospital and apparently is more generous to sick children. :)
After two visits from the tooth fairy within just days of each other, Spencer was itching to get rid of that money at the hospital gift shop. So one afternoon we gathered the entourage and made our way downstairs. Thirty minutes later, after careful deliberation, Spencer was the proud and happy owner of a screeching, flying monkey!


Shelly said...

This really made me laugh- the generous tooth fairy and the monkey purchased with it!

Stephen Hayes said...

Everyone knows that screeching monkeys are a necessary part of any hospital stay. I hope everyone in your family has a great weekend.

Crack You Whip said...

You were so clever with the whole hospital stay! The skyping was a great idea!

Crystal Pistol said...

This was really fun to read and watch. The video is priceless. Was that Nicole shouting things out with you? She sounds like you a ton! It would fun to hear Matt's voice too.

I love the tooth fairy. But sometimes she totally forget to come!! It's TERRIBLE how forgetful our family fairy is. When she doesn't show up I usually give the toothless child some money and she reimburses me later.

Mimi said...

How adorable is this?? You guys are so great! Spencer is a cutie pie. It is so good to "meet" you! I look forward to getting to know you. We will have to try and schedule a clinic together.

You must be supermom! 5 kid? woowie. PLUS a transplant kid? Everyone needs to bow down in my opinion :-)

I'll try and find you on facebook.

momto8 said...

good to know the tooth fairy make hospital visits!!
Skype sounds like such a great idea.