Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hospital Journal: Sisters

Even with all that we were going through with Spencer, we still had four daughters at home whom we missed terribly. They amazed me with their ability to cope with everything. They worried and cried about their brother and had their own emotions to deal with, but they never missed an opportunity to pray for him and were always willing to do anything that was needed if it meant bringing him home.

We had amazing help from family, especially my brother and his wife who moved into our home for several weeks at the beginning so that our girls could maintain some stability until Matt and I were able to figure out a rotation between home and the hospital. As would be expected, those months were not without their challenges at home. Grades suffered a little bit, potty-training took a few steps back, and no one (including Grandma) really likes it when Grandma has to be the mom.

The girls were able to visit Spencer a few times. We would have loved to have them there more often, but with all of the colds they were passing around to each other we just couldn't have them near Spencer, or us, very much.

The first time that they came we didn't let them see Spencer because we worried that the ECMO machine would be too much for them. Kristen, the Child Life specialist, spent some time with them though and they each were given a hospital buddy (doll) that they were able to 'doctor', helping them become more familiar with what they eventually would see.
Doctor Claire LOVED this!
We were so grateful for their hugs and smiling faces! They boosted our spirits immensely.
Paige found more creative ways to have fun with her doctor kit.

On a subsequent visit, Grandma Pat brought the girls down and then stayed with Spencer while Matt and I took them for a day out. We went to Temple Square and the Conference Center and had a lovely lunch at The Blue Lemon. Here I am with the girls in the Conference Center. Another tourist asked if Matt wanted to be in the picture, but I couldn't stand the thought of a family picture without Spencer.
This picture was taken when the girls came down in December. I took them to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square on Christmas Eve. It was beautiful and cold and very fun!
It was both heartbreaking and heartwarming to witness the love that our girls showed for Spencer. They missed him so much and were constantly trying to think of ways to make him happy. This love went both ways. For all the many things that could make Spencer sad in the hospital, he would become the most upset when we talked to him about his sisters. He would cry and couldn't even talk about them, he missed them so much. What a beautiful thing family is!


Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

It must be hard for the girls to be away from their parents and brother and to know that Spencer is so sick and they can't always see him because they are sick and it could make him worse...........

Stephen Hayes said...

Love is obviously the mortar holding your family together.

Shelly said...

Oh, your last sentence says it all- family truly is everything! What beautiful girls, and how precious they are to love each other and their brother like that. You all could give family lessons to much of America.

momto8 said...

what beautiful people in your life. family is such a blessing in good times and not so good times!