Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out & About

Last week, Sky View High School (a local high school and my alma mater), held their "Cause Week". Every year they pick a "cause" to raise funds and awareness for, and this year they picked Spencer. We were very surprised when they called us in December and explained who they were and what they wanted to do. What a great tradition that is! The exec council was in charge of it and they were so fun to work with. What amazing people they all are. Here is a picture of Spencer with the exec council at the kick-off assembly that they held last Monday. Thanks to all of them for a wonderful job. Go Bobcats!!
The big event of Cause Week was the "Spencer Sprint". A 5k/1m fun-run on Saturday morning. Thanks to the awesome results from Spencer's biopsy on Friday--NO REJECTION--his meds were decreased and we dared bring him to the race. He rode in the double stroller with Claire until about 30 yards from the finish line when he climbed out of the stroller and RAN all the way to the finish line with a big crowd cheering him on.
Here he is with his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Allen, and three of his classmates who came to the race.
And here he is enjoying the ice cream sandwich after the race.

Later that day, the weather was SO beautiful that Matt got Spencer's new bike ready for action and Spencer wasted no time in breaking it in.
This, right here, is the image that I kept in the very forefront of my mind all through those months in the hospital. This is all I wanted.


Shelly said...

What great kids those are, to pick Spencer! He truly is a walking, running, bike riding miracle, Nancy, although I'm not telling you anything new.

I love to look at those pictures, and although I've never met you all in person, I feel so connected with all the prayers for Spencer and now getting to enjoy the results of answered prayers.

Haley L said...

I hadn't checked your blog in months. I am so full of emotions as I got caught up. Nice to get updates on your other kids (although Miss Corinne keeps me quite updated over FaceTime, which is awesome).

I watched that simple video of Spencer riding his bike about 10 times before I stopped. Then, the tears started. Your beautiful statement that this was all you wanted is really profound. So glad you've found your "new normal" even though that will continue to evolve.

A wise surgeon once told Doug and me after Cooper's surgery that one day, the nightmare of the experience would be like parenthesis in our lives. It will never go away and sometimes, the brackets of the parenthesis get temporarily dropped, but it will no longer define you. I can see that's already starting to happen and I couldn't be happier for all of you.

Crystal Pistol said...

This made my eyes well and heart swell. Your last sentance here really makes me want to burst into tears. I'm so so happy you got what you wanted.

The Bates Famdamily said...

YEA!!! It's funny what we now consider blessing. What an awesome sight. So SO SO happy for your family. Can't wait for Spencer to return to school. Yea for the small but mighty victories!