Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wind Caves

Last Saturday Matt took the older kids and went for a hike to the Wind Caves in Logan Canyon. They had a great time and Matt said Spencer asked to go again before they had even made it back to the truck. Maybe next time Claire and I will get to go!

Nicole, Spencer and Paige on the trail:
Nicole and Corinne
Yay! They reached the caves in one piece!
Spencer has always really loved Spiderman. Now I know why! I never knew they were related.
Okay, just kidding. The picture above wasn't rotated correctly. But I had to put it in because Spence laughed so hard when he saw it like that. He kept saying, "It looks like I'm climbing on the ceiling!"
Paige finally found her niche in life. (Wow! Did I really just type that? Sorry!)
Pictures like this are the reason I don't go...
And this...

Not a bad view! (And the scenery is pretty great also.)


Barbara said...

What a great post! It is fun to see them. The pictures of them on the edge are always good to see after you know they are home safe. Those pics are also another reason to be glad Claire was home with you.

Crystal Pistol said...

You're on a roll tonight with the jokes and rotated pics. Funny! I'm so gullible. I really couldn't figure out how he climbed that wall at first. How embarrassing! :)

I can see why you don't go! I would FREAK! You're good to let Matt take them at all. I'd be a perfect basket case.