Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Home

Well, it may not be a cabin on Lake Tahoe or waterfront property in the Hamptons, but my kids love it! Officially, our summer vacation started yesterday at 11:30am. But Nicole, Corinne, Paige and Spencer got a jump on things on Monday by literally moving into the playhouse. They've assigned themselves each a bunk, decorated, and stocked their "adult-free zone" with all sorts of necessities: books, crackers, FM radio, more blankets and pillows than I can count, and board games. If the playhouse had running water, it's possible that I wouldn't see them all summer. (Hmmm....that's something to think about.) Truthfully, I was skeptical. I remember plenty of summer nights sleeping outside in which I ended up trudging back inside to my own bed. These pictures aren't just from their first time sleeping outside this summer. This is their first time EVER! So, I left the outside lights on and the doors unlocked, sure that I would hear them soon enough. But no! The only thing that finally drove them from their haven was nature's call the next morning! And then they were gone again--but not before stealing more "supplies" from the kitchen. Fun stuff!!

P.S. In other news: Tonight is the second night in a row that Matt and I are awake much later than we'd like to be because our "nearly teenager" is at a party, so we have to wait up for HER!! I really feel remorseful right now for all the many nights I kept my mom up. It never even occurred to me that she was tired! I guess it's payback time...

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Crystal Pistol said...

I am really really jealous of that clubhouse of yours. My kids would LOVE that! It looks so comfy I'd like to try sleeping in there myself.

I feel badly about what I did to my mom too. I used to sneak out at 2am. I'm terrified for that kind of payback!