Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nancy plays catch-up: Take 5 (This & That)

Here's a little assortment of pictures from some of the moments of interest in our lives over the last couple of months. And if you can believe it, I think that this post brings us up to date now. Woohoo!! Now I can start the New Year with a clean blog conscience. Hope your holidays are great!!

Once upon an August evening, I was rushing as usual to get the laundry folded, keep the kids from killing one another and get dinner on the table all at the same time. Matt came in from work, I called the kids and finished pouring the milk. We said the prayer, passed the dishes around--oh, up again for the salt and pepper shakers--when suddenly I looked down at my plate and time stood still. How can something so simple and ordinary be so beautiful?? A plate full of garden bounty on a beautiful summer evening. It really is one of life's little joys. All the more appreciated this summer since due to our landscaping we didn't do our own garden. Thanks to Dad for the corn, new potatoes, summer squash and carrots, and our wonderful neighbors for the string beans. Yummy!
The kids at the The Labor Day parade.Spencer woke up one day and said he wanted to go fishing. That pretty much settled it for Matt right then and there. Here are pictures of two fish that he caught all by himself!

Here is Spencer in his Knight costume at his preschool Halloween party.
Spencer wasn't feeling well and wouldn't keep his helmet on, Paige couldn't see, Claire was shivering and her lips had turned blue by the third house, and it was raining all evening. But they still got their candy so it was a great Halloween.
We had a great Thanksgiving week with cousins. We went to the Utah State/Utah game on Wednesday and gorged ourselves on Thursday. On Friday of that week we celebrated Grandma's birthday at a party at my sister's house. It was a fun celebration and as you can see Grandma had plenty of help with her presents and candles. We had much to be thankful for this year.
The girls trying their hand at foosball at Grandma's party.
On Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, the girls and Grandma Pat and I went to the Rockette's Christmas Extravaganza in SLC. It was really, really fun! The show was amazing and a fun way to "kick off" the Christmas season. (See what I did there? Clever, aren't I?)
A careful mom I ought to be,
these little people follow me:
Paige, Spencer and Claire made this little fort the other night and had "book club". They would each read a book for a few minutes and then tell why they liked their book, "I like this book because it has a horse on the cover." "I like this book because the penguin falls down." Then they had their refreshment and adjourned for a month. It did my heart proud!
And finally, for those of you with any last minute shopping to do, here is a preview of next years hottest toy: The Jiggle-Me-Claire!

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Wheelin' with the Wheeler's said...

Nancy, It was so great running into you the other day at Macey's I wish I hadn't been in such a hurry that we could have visited more to catch up. Maybe another time. Your kids are adorable. Hope you had a great holiday with everyone home.