Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nancy plays catch-up: Take 4 (Landscaping)

This summer we took on the BIG project of getting our yard landscaped. The first crew pulled in about mid-July and our final tree was planted last week. (They weren't really THAT slow. It was just a replacement tree.) Grass will be planted in the spring and then, Hallelujah!, it's done!! Here are a few pics of the progress.

This is a view from the back of our old "yard" with the pasture still behind me. We shrunk the yard a bit. We really didn't have a desire to mow all of that! The big poplar tree on the right of the picture is now gone.
Pouring the pad in front of the shop.
The kids enjoying breakfast and a show.
Moving the playhouse twenty-ish feet to the NE. This was AWESOME! There was a small part of me that was morbidly hoping the thing would fall or collapse or something since I had my video camera rolling, but it was an uneventful, perfect move.
The giant dirt pile that the kids were hoping was a permanent feature.
The sidewalk and fire pit are in.
Grading the back yard.
Curbing around our front bed.
Front yard from the street.
A completed bed and the trampoline border.
Our inaugural use of the fire pit. It works great. The smores were delicious!

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