Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy 10th Corinne!

Yesterday, our sweet Corinne celebrated her 10th birthday! She's such a joy in our home and we love her very much!! And we still enjoy the same sweet smiles that she gave as a baby:
And as a little girl:
We had a fun day with lunch together at school, donuts for her class, and dinner with 3 grandmas at Chili's. (Sounds like a good name for a band!)
For you Webkinz fans out there, the cake is a "W". Recognize it now?
And here are the GORGEOUS flowers from Matt.


Annie said...

Happy belated Birthday Rinny! We love you!! Love, andy annie ethan and Lainey.

Haley L said...

I have memories of Corinne as a baby, so this just doesn't seem possible. Sounds like she had a fabulous day. We love you, Corinne and Kaiya says she misses you so much it hurts!