Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Animal Days

Last Friday we went to Baby Animal Days. It was Grandma Pat's b-day and she came with us. The kids had a lot of fun seeing all of the animals, riding the train, and playing games. Here are some pics from the day!

All of us together with our gorgeous mountains (and a rusted out car) in the background.
Spencer petting one of the baby cows.
Spencer got a special treat when the conducter invited him to climb up and blow the whistle for him.
Matt, Paige, and Corinne playing "Indian bowling". Paige rocked this event!!
My favorite baby animals!!


Barbara said...

What a great family! I love the picture of the 5 favorite animals. So cute! Can't wait to see you soon.

The Felts said...

That looks like so much fun! Andy and I were talking about how the kids would LOVE to go to something like that. Just yesterday after Lainey went on her first pony ride she asked, "I ride a cow now?". Hmm....not so sure about that one!

Haley L said...

That last photo is priceless!! I have heard lots about that baby animal days. So cute! Doesn't hurt that your crew is an animal-loving group. :)