Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, April 23, 2010

Death Row

The kids didn't have school on Tuesday so we all went shopping. We ended up at the pet store and left with two extra family members. I figured at 13 cents a piece, goldfish were a great end to a whole bunch of boring errands for the kids. Before we purchased them though, I explained that sometimes goldfish don't live very long and I would only buy them if they promised not to cry if their fish died. They agreed and home we came. My talk must have made an impression, because one of the first things Corinne did was make this "fish living chart", so that they can track how long each fish lives. (Click on it for detail.)
As you can see, poor Shiny didn't even last through day 3. But here is Splat, swimming happily in his fresh water. Everybody send up a prayer for little Splat. Maybe he'll make it through the weekend!


The Felts said...

The chart is great. I love the dead fish picture...quite creative! Yeah, we don't do fish either..I am the one who ends up taking care of them and yes, eventually killing them.

Barbara said...

Hope your kids are ready to expand that chart....my friend had a goldfish that lived for over 5 years. Good Luck!!!