Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Claire had her first little taste of rice cereal on Sunday. She didn't hate it, but it appears to be an acquired taste. More ended up running down her chin than actually going in her mouth and she made some cute little faces in the process. Of course, her first meal was served up with lots of help from her siblings...maybe that explains the straight arm that she's trying to give Spencer in the picture!


The Felts said...

She looks so little in that high chair!! Yeah, I would think that rice cereal probably tastes like wallpaper paste. Not that I have tried wallpaper paste or anything, but that is what it always reminds me of. I love the first tastes of food!

Haley L said...

I think Miss Claire is going to be one tough gal with Spencer as an older brother. :) Love the pic of all 5 of them!