Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rockin 'n' Rolling

Claire learned how to roll over this week. It's so fun to watch her. (Well, for me it is anyway. I took it easy on all of you and kept the video to 14 seconds!) She did it for the first time on Sunday evening. Nobody saw it happen, we just found her on her stomach. Since then she's gotten better and faster and I can't keep her off of her tummy. Poor Matt is on a business trip this week so he gets to see it for the first time with all of you on our blog! He better hurry home before she graduates from college. : )


Annie said...

She's good at that! They change so fast!

Haley L said...

NO!! She's not old enough to do that yet. :( She looks more and more like Paige every day. Give her a squeeze for us!

Anneke said...

The girls and I have watched that LOTS! They still pretend that every baby is "Baby Claire". What a little cutie bug!