Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Monday, October 20, 2008


I've been tagged twice now and the two were very similar so I decided to blend them together. I hope that's not cheating...Enjoy!

10 years ago
I knew everything there was to know about raising kids
I never dreamed my new little baby girl would grow up so fast
I was a “few” pounds lighter
I could speak Hungarian
I swore that my kids would never be MC Mustangs
5 Jobs I’ve held
Caramel wrapper for $2.00/hr.
Arby’s Restaurant
College dorm custodian
Jackson Hole summer employment
Nursing Home
5 Favorite Snacks
Chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven with a big glass of skim milk
Chips and Salsa
Matt’s Stuffed Jalapenos
Banana Cream Pie
Chocolate pudding/brownies/cake, etc.
5 things I would do if I were a millionaire
Pay off the house
Go on some very nice family vacations
One word: Housekeeper! (Or is that two?)
Pay someone to build my deck TODAY!

(with the expensive rail that I really had my heart set on until I learned the price!)
Buy some meat, so poor Matt wouldn’t feel such pressure to hunt all the time
5 Movies I could watch over and over
Rocky IV
The Saint
Ella Enchanted
Tommy Boy
My Turn on Earth (Hee hee!)

I won't tag anyone back but if any of you want to do it I'd love to see your comments! (Haley? Barb?)

Have a great day!!


Aubry said...

OOO yea! I loved reading this. I laughed at your movies... I will never forget you introducing my boys to Rocky. And who would've thought Tommy Boy was in there... that's one of our favorites, too... son of a...
miss you tons!

Haley L said...

OK, OK. I'll do it the next time I'm at work and have some down time at 3 a.m. :) Loved your list.