Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Well, here they are! The annual first day of school pictures. It's another big year for all of my baby ducks. Nicole started her first year at the High School. A sophomore this year, she has plenty of mixed feelings about growing up. But ultimately she came home from her first day with the "big kids" and declared that she really loved how laid back everything was and that the teachers treat the students like adults. 

Corinne is in 8th grade which means she also moved schools to the Jr. High. She was super nervous about getting lost but it ended up not being so bad because when she DID get lost it was with a boy and when they finally found the Orchestra room the teacher didn't even spare them a glance. So, success!

Poor Paigie-bug! Today is her first day of school because she spent yesterday in bed with a yucky stomach bug. She was so sad to miss the first day but she was up bright and early today ready to make up for lost time! She's in 5th grade this year--the oldest at the Elementary school.

Spencer was up bright and early yesterday ready for his first day of 2nd grade! He packed his new backpack so carefully and filled his water bottle then stood at the door asking when we could go. It was a long 50 minutes. He got stung by a wasp that was hiding on the playground waiting for the students to come back and play--but he said he didn't even cry. He just got some ice to put on it and then went back out!

Stay tuned for next week's big "First Day of Kindgerten"!! 


Billie Jo said...

Happy First Day of School to you all! Such beautiful pictures too. : )

Stephen Hayes said...

Your post brought back many memories of when our son was small and progressing through school. I had to laugh about high school freshmen being treated as adults. Really? Fun post. Take care.

Shelly said...

What great pics- looks like it was a success all the way around!