Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, August 30, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten for Claire!

Our sweet girl had her first day of kindergarten yesterday. She loved it! While sending my baby off to school tugged--no, yanked--at my heartstrings, the smiles and excitement coming from her this week only cemented the fact that she is ready! She set out her backpack, chose her outfit, and asked for "lots of curls" in preparation for the big day. She came together quite nicely!

Here she is at the school. This is as far as she would let me go with her. And that was after I insisted on driving her on her first day. She was ready to say goodbye in the driveway at home.

I made the siblings join her for one picture. This is the only year that all 3 of them will be at the same school.

ONE picture is all Paige would allow. But Spencer gave me another smile, and then walked his sister to her class!


Stephen Hayes said...

We only had one child but I remember how it felt like my heart would break when our little boy turned away from us and marched off to his kindergarten class. And to think you've done this more than once!

Beth said...

What a precious day for your sweet daughter.

Shelly said...

Such bittersweet feelings when the baby starts to school. She is adorable, and she will be at the head of her class. Spencer looks terrific, too! What beautiful kids you have-

Billie Jo said...

Oh, your baby looks so ready for her first day of school! I hope Mom was just as ready... : )

When my (then)baby Rhett went to school, I had a hard time. My husband got me a puppy. And that was alright for awhile. And then we got blessed with our sweet baby Flynn! : )

Have a nice weekend!

Allyson Jeppson said...

Killing me!