Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Track 2013

Nicole has just 6 1/2 days left in her freshman year of high school. As the year is winding down so are all of the sports, including track. Nicole decided to compete in track this Spring and her events were the 100m hurdles, the 300m hurdles, and the 100m dash. She loved it! She only had one bad spill when one of the hurdles jumped up and grabbed her leg, otherwise it was a great season. It was really fun for me to go to her meets, even the rainy ones. 

Here are some action shots from several of those meets:

First race ever--before their uniforms had even arrived.

Warming up for her event at the Box Elder meet:

The Box Elder 100m hurdles, where she ran her PR:

All smiles after the race.

Warming up at the starting blocks during the JV Region meet:

Neck-and-neck with her friend, Laura during the 100m dash.

With Liz and Laura

Love you, my beautiful girl!


Stephen Hayes said...

I'm not much of an athlete but she looks great out there.

Beth said...

The pictures are really great. You daughter is to be commended.

Shelly said...

Hurdles scare me! She's very brave to do that AND be running as fast as she can at the same time. Sounds like she's got a great career ahead of her!

Haley L said...

Why does it still shock me to see your daughter wearing high school attire when I have a son in the same boat? I had no clue she was running track. With those long legs, she's obviously a natural. Way to go, Nicole (however, I should have warned you that any sport involving the word 'meet' means lots of sitting with only moments of getting to watch your own kid!) Miss you guys a ton.

Haley L said...
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