Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random Pics

Well this post is exactly what it says it is. As I was looking back at all of our pictures, trying to get caught up on my blog, I found some that I wanted to post but they just don't fit anywhere. So here they are.

Nicole was almost too excited to eat her breakfast a few months ago when she realized that the pancake she had made looked like a labrador!

Spencer came to me one day asking me to take his picture. He had gotten my Willow Tree figurine of a little boy holding a heart and tried to duplicate it. See the figurine over his left shoulder? 

I came around the corner one day to find Claire perched atop my clothes hamper, reading a book. I promise we have couches that she can use.

I missed this picture of Nicole when I made the pheasant hunting post, but I just love it. 

Claire, all dressed up for the day.

I love that she has her hand on her hip as she bites that apple. There isn't much in her world that doesn't require plenty of attitude. 

And here she is holding her new baby cousin, Maiya.

I love this picture of Corinne. So pretty!

Cousin Kara got to spend a couple of days with us in November and she, Spencer, and Claire had so much fun together. Here they are being superheroes!

Nicole was in the "Christmas Workshop Musical" performed at the High School by the orchestra and band. She played the violin and had to dress as a toy, so she was "ballerina barbie". 


Stephen Hayes said...

Your kids look as sweet as that cute pancake.

Shelly said...

All frameable works! The superhero picture really made me smile. Your home is full of blessings (and beautiful kids!).

Beth said...

You have a beautiful family. I have the Willow Tree figurine that you are talking about. It was given to me by my son several years ago.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Such great photos of your wonderful family