Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Monday, January 14, 2013


These pictures are a "catch-up post" from last summer. We filled the better part of July with, as the title says, cousins, camping, and reunions. 

Cousins Ethan and Lainey came for a visit over the 4th of July. Here is a picture of Claire and sweet Lainey. Let me tell you, partners-in-crime doesn't even begin to describe these two! Don't let their cute little faces and all of their pinkaliciousness fool you. They know how to have FUN! 

Waiting for candy at the 4th of July parade.

We were able to squeeze a camping trip in after having it cancelled the weekend before due to a hospital stay. It was quick but very fun! Here are the kids enjoying oreos and milk before bed.

Never one to let an opportunity pass him by, Matt glassed for wildlife before the sun went down. 

Exploring the campground.

A great climbing tree right near our trailer.

In all honesty, if given the choice, I'd always choose my comfy bed over the trailer, but taking the kids camping is so worth any inconvenience. They just love it and it's so great to get away from everything and just be together!

We hurried home from camping to go to the Lindhardt Family Reunion. This was with all of my cousins and was the first in many, many years. Paige was able to play with old and new friends! (Paige with Mimi and Abbie)

Some of the group listening to whoever had the mic at the moment. Spencer is in the middle of the picture sitting by Grandpa. This was after I dried Spencer off and changed his clothes following his unplanned (and unwelcome) dip in the creek. Good thing we hadn't unpacked from camping yet.  

The Lindhardt Family Reunion 2012 attendees. Looking forward to 2015!

I love this picture because I just really love these boys! These are my four, handsome brothers one Sunday afternoon following a special family get together. It was a great day!


Shelly said...

I think my husband and Matt would get along well. He's an avid hunter, and when not hunting, he enjoys looking at wildlife like that, too.

Fun, fun family times!

Beth said...

A very nice post. The photos are great!

Stephen Hayes said...

Great pictures, even though they really make me miss the warmer weather.