Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Claire's Birthday

Our sweet little Clairey-beary turned four this week. Oh, how we love this girl! She is FULL, to the top, of happy energy. We had a fun day celebrating with her!

Here she is with her Koo-koo bird that she received from Spencer. She named it "Princess Celestia".  
They had fun playing with her new bird and Spencer's bird that had been needing a friend, I guess.
Claire loves piggies! So here is her pig cake. It took her a minute to figure out what it was but then she squealed with delight. (No pun intended.)
Opening presents became a long-drawn out affair as she started with the first one in the morning (clothes) and opened several more throughout the day whenever she could wear me down enough to say, "okay, just one more and then we'll wait until daddy gets home".
Her flower cake from Aunt Barbara

With Aunt Barbara and cousin Julie. Claire was so excited about her birthday girl tattoo, her cake and her new kitty, which coincidentally also ended up with the name "Princess Celestia".
Opening more presents, with some "help" this time.
Big hug from Paige after successfully blowing out all four candles!
I had to put in one video of Claire opening presents so you could hear the happy, giggly sound she made with each one. She's so much fun!
Here she is showing off her bike with all of it's new accessories.
I took the training wheels off of this bike just days before her birthday but didn't really work with her very much. So she just taught herself!

Happy Birthday, sweet Claire! We love you!


Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for sharing this special day with us. I can almost taste that pig cake.

Shelly said...

Happy birthday to beautiful Claire! I loved hearing her laugh and seeing her ride her bike. The pig cake is too cute, and a funny reminder for the adults of what we look like when we eat too much of any cake, not just pig ones.

So glad you all had such a fun celebration~

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Claire!! The pictures are beautiful. The cake was adorable.

Jamie Jo said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Claire!! (my 7year old is a Clare)
(I'm sure I can safely say it in the comments, right?)

Love the piggy cake!!