Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, May 27, 2011

Miles of Fun!

Corinne has had a busy couple of weeks at school. I guess in order to get these 5th graders all ready for Middle School, they have to pack a lot of extra-curricular into their schedules. We've had fun cheering her on in her different events.

Here are some pictures of the Wellsville Mile. She ran her mile in 8:33 and took 20th in her heat. (Out of 105.) I am so proud of her! Here she is at the starting line, #1286.
Here she is crossing the finish line:

And here she is with her friend, all smiles, after the race.
I also got to go the her graduation from NOVA. A program done by the Sheriff's Dept. for all of the 5th graders in the valley. She enjoyed this a lot!
The school also held their annual dance festival. Each grade learns a dance and performs for the rest of the school. Here is Corinne's:
Here is Paige's:
And lastly, here are the kids right after they helped Grandpa blow out his birthday candles!


Crystal Pistol said...

How fun for Corrine. She looks so healthy and happy.

Doesn't it bum you out that she'll be in middle school next year? Bella graduated from 5th grade and I was really heavy hearted about the whole ordeal. I'd like to ask the elementary school to hold her back a year...or five.

That looks like a very happy grandpa!

Haley L said...

Way to go, Corinne! End of year school stuff exhausted me--hope you're surviving. Hope you all had an extra piece of cake for us. Looks yummy!!