Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ski Bunnies

Matt and his mom took Nicole and Corinne skiing last Saturday. They loved it!! This was Nicole's second time this year and Corinne's first. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and Corinne came home with the cutest racoon face. Nicole gets to go again in a few weeks with the 5th grade. She's very excited to ski with all of her friends. Matt hadn't been on skis in over 12 years but it must be like riding a bike. I'm looking forward to joining them next year when Claire and I aren't so inseparable.


Barbara said...

What fun! Brian will be jealous. He loves to snowboard and talked us into taking him a year ago. Julie did it for a day and is not that interested in repeating it. I got on skis after 20+ years. It does come back (like the bike), but the muscles in the legs do not!!!
I'll have to send Brian there to get his taste of the snow.

Lori Lou said...

Looks like fun...it has been in the high 80's so no snow skiing for us.

Annie said...

Yeah, skiing is like riding a bike..my only problem is that I wasn't very good at either of them 10 years ago and it proved to be true when I went skiing with Andy a few years ago!

Haley L said...

Looks like my kind of skiing weather!! You really can't live in Utah and not teach your kids how to ski! Way to go, girls!! :)