Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Monday, September 8, 2008

Look out world...here comes Paige!

Well finally I am posting a picture of Paige on her first day of kindergarten. I would have and should have had this up sooner, since Paige actually went to her 7th day of kindergarten today, but Matt stole my camera and went hunting before I downloaded my pictures. Despite the setback, I am here to tell you now that Paige LOVES kindergarten. She said to me on the morning of, "Why do you have to go with me? I can go by myself!" And even though I insisted, since it is my right as a mother to go through that teary ritual, in the end she truly didn't need me at all because when it came time to say goodbye to her, I couldn't get through Nicole and Corinne who were hugging her, showing her where her backpack goes, introducing her to her teacher and being great little mothers (wanted or not). So I made my way home, knowing that she is in good(?) hands as she enters that big world. The only question for me now: Is the world really ready for her?!

And of course what would a post be without an update on my little Claire? Here are some pictures of her being a big girl in her "Bumbo" and catching a nap in her swing. Still so fun!


Haley L said...

It seems like yesterday that I was in AZ visiting you and we went to your dr. appt when you were pregnant with Paige. Kindergarten already?? Wah!! I see that Claire is still giving you such a hard time. Ha!

Aubry said...

I keep checking your blog to see updates of your family. I am so glad you did. Paige is so big and so absolutely adorable. And Claire! Her eyes are gorgeous and is that red I see in her hair? Beautiful.

Barbara said...

Your story with Paige brought back memories of "needing" to take Brian to kindergarten, when he waived goodbye a block away and took off running, so instead I escorted Julie to 3rd grade where I was still truly "needed". Claire is really growing and looks great in that swing.