Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jammies & Camo

Is there anything cuter than fuzzy one piece jammies? Spencer and Claire are just such snuggle bugs that I had to share this picture of their happy faces...bed head and all!Matt took Nicole and Corinne with him elk hunting this year. Due to the girls' very busy schedules he had to take them on separate trips. This is a pic I snapped right before Corinne and Matt left. How cute is she in camo?! Enjoy it now though because it may be the last time we ever see her in it. As she said to me this morning when I asked her if she was going grouse hunting with Matt today, "Well Mom, hunting isn't really my thing." Hallelujah...she is my girl after all!


Barbara said...

Cute pictures. Enjoy the snuggle while they little. It brings back memories of the one-piece snuggle, especially when they are new and so soft (both the kids and the jammies).

Anneke said...

Well, at least she put the camo on! Anna refuses to even put on her camo shirt.
I just want to squeeze those two little cozy cuties! I love those jammies - one reason I like the weather to be colder at night!