Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Siblings: I'll take one order of honesty...hold the sugar coating please.

A few weeks ago Spencer was tying his shoes before school. Big sister Paige who does NOT like to be late, was frustrated with how long it was taking. Finally she let him have it.
"Hurry up, Spencer! You are so slow! Even kindergarteners know how to tie their shoes and you're a first grader!"
My instinct to protect reared up and I was about to remind her where he was during most of his kindergarten year but he beat me to it.
"I was in the HOSPITAL, Paige!!"
With a roll of her eyes she replied, "Yeah, just laying there! You could have at least learned how to tie your shoes!"

I had to walk out of the room so they wouldn't hear my stunned laughter!


Beth said...

That is pure sibling love. ;-)

Shelly said...

Gotta leave it to a sister to get things put bluntly! Ha!

Billie Jo said...

Hi there...I hopped over from Jamie Jo's blog... So nice to "meet" you and your beautiful family! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday. : )