Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liver Mystery

Spencer had another biopsy last week on Tuesday. This was different than the others because they not only went into his heart for tissue samples* they took some tissue samples from inside his liver as well. The last couple months his liver enzymes have been elevated. His doctors have adjusted meds and experimented with different ones to see if the problem is due to medications. They've also tested him for dozens of infections to see if he's fighting something. A couple of weeks ago at a blood draw they drew TEN vials of blood. So far, all of their investigating has turned up nothing. His cardiologist has brought in a Gastro-Intestinal specialist as well as the Infectious Disease team. They are putting their heads together and trying to figure this out. Thus, the biopsy. I waited to post this because I thought I could put the results of the biopsy on here as well, but nine days later and all they can tell me is that his liver definitely has some inflammation but they are stumped. 

The bright side to all of this is that if something is going on, so far it's all just on paper. He feels great and has plenty of energy for school--with enough left over for hours of silliness afterwards. 

I mean really...does this face look sick to you? :)

*Heart biopsy results--perfect!! No rejection!


Shelly said...

That looks like the face of a happy, healthy kid! That is great news about the heart. I am hoping they will find what is going on in the liver soon, and without having to draw anymore blood. 10 vials? Good grief!

Beth said...

Prayers for the little guy that he continues to do well and that the doctors can find the cause of the inflamation.

Jamie Jo said...

I'll pray for you, that the mystery is solved! Sounds like something caused from the meds....At least you know something is up and can keep an eye on it.

Stephen Hayes said...

Such good news, and that doesn't look like a sick face to me. If that's sick, save some for me.