Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 12th!!

Whether I like it or not, my children just keep getting older! Our sweet Corinne turned twelve last week which means that she is in Young Womens now at church. She was both nervous and excited to graduate from Primary and go in with the older girls, but she adapted quickly. It doesn't hurt that her best friend will join her in two more weeks.

She had some friends over for a party and they had lots of happy, squeal-y, fun! Claire, Spencer, Paige and Matt were the waiters for the "crazy dinner", and after several courses of strange combinations the girls all eventually ordered something to satisfy their bellies.

Here is Corinne opening cards and presents from friends:
Blowing out candles on her "chocolate chip cookie dough brownies". (Yep! They are as evil as they sound.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next day was her actual birthday and here she is opening presents while her siblings stand ready to assist.
Her checkerboard cake:

Visible proof that she really is twelve. Who else would squirm like that when confronted with such attention? But wow! What a great set of lungs she's got! We love you, Rinnie Tin Tin!! 


Stephen Hayes said...

What a delightful girl. One more year until she's a teenager. Are you ready? I thought I was.

Shelly said...

Oh, what fun! 12 is one of those unique ages- not quite a child, not quite a teen. The party sounds like it was tons of fun, and how cute the others acted as their waiters. As Stephen said, teenager-dom is just around the corner. Can you believe it comes on so fast?

Janine LaTulippe said...

What a beautiful young woman! I bet you are so proud.

Annmarie Pipa said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! I talk more to my 21, 22, 23 yr old daughters now than when each of them were 12!!!!

Crystal Pistol said...

Corrine is gorgeous! Matt had better keep his guns handy to ward off the boys that will be banging down your door for a date with this pretty lady sooner than you think.

I want to think of her as that tiny, sweet toddler that swam with my Bella so many years ago. Can't. She's all grown up. :)

Jamie Jo said...

Happy birthday to your sweet young lady!! (I'm breaking my fast here while Simeon is sleeping to post a comment!)

I made that checkerboard cake for my son a few years ago, using the recipe the cake pan came with, and for all the work, the cake was NOT that good!!! It was pretty though!!
What do you think? (It would be good though with a better recipe I'm sure)

Haley L said...

I'm almost hesitant to let Kaiya see this post. Maybe one of these years, I will have to send her to Wellsville for Corinne's b-day. I seriously can't believe she's 12. Love her! Looks like it was a great celebration and I love that she's part young woman and part kid still. :)