Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Extra Special Birthday

So much has happened in the last four and a half months since my last post. I've wanted to update for a while now, but I just wasn't sure where to start. I'm not going to put it off any longer though because #1: waiting isn't really helping with the pile-up of posts I have in the chutes, and #2: every time I click on my blog and see my last post, it just makes me sad. So it's time to replace that dark day with one that is full of happiness and celebration!

On January 18th Spencer turned six years old! This was such a special day for us with all that we have been through. There were some days in the hospital that we truly thought were our last with our little boy. So to have him home and happy and excited about cake and Lego's and a new bike was a true gift from God.

Here he is with his new tool belt! His kindergarten class made the sign for him.
His model rocket kit from Dad. (Pics and videos of the launch day to come!)
Celebrating with his sisters--he's SO excited to use his new ball this Spring.
New bike--I can't wait to see him ride it. (And he wanted me to mention that the training wheels just haven't been taken off yet, but "NO WAY" does he need them.)
Giving Nicole his best shot:
Birthday cake as per requested: "the horses running through the water in Spirit".
And here is just a fun video of Spencer opening his presents.


Shelly said...

What joy this brought to my heart!I'm so glad you're posting again, and what a handsome Spencerman!

Stephanie Hancock said...

I was so excited when I saw that you'd updated! I love the way you write, I love your wonderful family, thanks for sharing such great things.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

What a great post 6yrs old getting to be such a big boy now......looks like he had a great day and got some cool presents......

Sue said...

I too am grateful that you were able to celebrate such a wonderful birthday. He sure is cute and will look great out on that soccer field running with the others.