Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today's post was actually supposed to be back-to-school pictures but Matt has taken my camera hunting, AGAIN. I believe I had this problem last year. Consequently, those pictures will be posted at a later date.

So instead I've decided to treat you all with a few random pictures of our little Clairey-berry. She's a firecracker! Keeps us all running from morning until night. And she makes us smile. Often. Yesterday she and Spencer came inside quarreling over something and she turned to me and said, "Mo-om, Spencer hurt my heart and it's trying to break in pieces!" (Oh honey, guard that heart well. This is only the beginning!)

One day this summer the kids transformed themselves into superheroes with names, homemade masks, unique traits and powers and special assignments. The older girls helped Claire with her costume and gave her the very appropriate moniker, Atomic Bomb!
My girly-girls! Claire loves to keep her nails painted and lately if she can't find Corinne to paint them she goes next door to the neighbor mom-of-three-boys who loves their "girl time".
Good thing someone around here is willing to do windows...
With the neighbor boy:
She just squealed with delight when she discovered this little Marilyn Monroe trick. And that mess you see on her face? Yeah, that's my lipstick.


Barbara said...

Love my Claire!! and don't get to see enough of her. We will have to schedule a play date.

Shelly said...

Oh, how precious! She is ADORABLE! You have a beautiful family-

Crystal Pistol said...

She is a girl after my own heart with all that atomic bomb-ness and lipstick and Marilyn refreshment. :)

She is so so so cute!!!

Haley L said...

As exhausting as you make me reading about her, I know that girl has a big future. What a crack up. Love her!!!