Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Time!

We celebrated two birthdays in June. Claire turned 2 on the 19th and one week later, Nicole turned 12! We had a lot of fun with both of them. Claire has learned how to hold up two fingers and she LOVED blowing out the candles on her cake. On Nicole's birthday she had a big party with 20 friends. They played games and ate snacks until it started getting dark and then they walked to the town square and played a big game of capture the flag. They had a lot of fun! On Sunday Nicole went to Young Women's for the first time and loved it. Exciting times!

Here is Claire looking at her new book.
And here she is, so proud of herself for blowing out all the candles!
Her favorite summer pasttime--sitting in HER spot on the porch and chain-sucking otter pops!
Nicole blowing out her candles.
Playing a game of fruit basket.

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Haley L said...

I cannot believe Claire is 2! That picture of her on your front porch is priceless. Sounds like the parties were a big success and it looks like you are really using your deck. Fun!