Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire!

Has it really been one year already? Our little sweetie turned one year old on Friday. We have loved every minute of her and are so glad to have her in our family. Here are some pictures of Claire with her cake. She didn't quite grasp what we wanted her to do with the candle, but she LOVED it when we sang to her. She just laughed and laughed and made the best faces. So we did it twice!


Annie said...

I seriously can't believe that she is 1 already!!! WOW! She looked like she had a great time! Cute cake by the way :).

Warnes Family said...

She is so cute! I can almost hear her laughing from your pictures and can imagine six others behind the camera laughing almost as hard. Enjoy every moment.

Haley L said...

That belly laugh picture is priceless. Can't wait to see her soon! It's been a total kick watching my kids e-mail and call your kids!