Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Corinne!

Okay, so I'm a couple of weeks late with this, but trust me...we had a great birthday! Our sweet Corinne turned 9 two weeks ago, and she chose to celebrate with a Birthday Luau. From the time that she could barely talk, Corinne has LOVED birthdays! She doesn't even care so much about getting presents, she just loves to celebrate. She plans for it all year long and then presents me with lists of what we are going to do on the big day. And let me tell you...with that much enthusiasm, it's hard not to comply! So it was a big day and I think that she had a lot of fun! We sure love our Rinnie, and are very glad that she is in our family!!

Here is the hula girl cake that I thought I would attempt.

How low can you go?

Corinne taught all of the luau guests the fine art of hula dancing!

Instead of cutting the hula girl cake for the party, each girl (and Spencer) had their own volcano cake!

And here is a video of Corinne showing off her hula skills. It's hard to hear her, but she says, "Sway the hips, and dig..." Fun stuff!!


Annie said...

That party looked like so much fun! Happy Belated Birthday Corinne!! By the way nancy, good job on the barbie cake!!

Haley L said...

For a dropped cake, I am impressed! ;) Looks like it was a fabulous day. You sure know how to make them special!!

Anneke said...

Super fun! I love the hula instruction part - where did she learn such fine skills?! :)