Felt So Fine

Felt So Fine

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Paige!

Paige turned 5 years old a week and a half ago. We had a fun monkey party complete with a monkey cake...(remind Nancy to keep her day job if she ever thinks she can make it as a cake decorator!) Paige is so excited for kindergarten and can't understand why she has to wait a week longer than her sisters for the first day of school. Especially since I've been telling her for a year that she could go to school when she is 5. I guess I should have been more specific...5 years and 3 weeks! We love our Paigie bug!!


Annie said...

Happy belated birthday Paige! I am TERRIBLE about birthday's (if you haven't noticed). Ethan is excited for kindergarten too, so is his mommy! I can't believe you are 5!! Hope you had a happy one. And Nancy, you did MUCH MUCH better than I could have ever done on the cake! Good job!

Haley L said...

I am impressed with the cake!!! Wish we would have been there a few days sooner to celebrate with her, but then again, maybe Kaiya would have ruined her cake. Ha!!!

MEJ said...

I hate it that Kindergarteners have to wait a week longer to start school. It is torture for them! I can't remember if I sent you the picture of us. If I didn't, e-mail me to remind me.